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Transforming Enterprises with Innovative Technology that Elevates Profitability, Security, and Efficiency.


From the C-Suite To The Front Line, ICS Partners With Our Clients To Transform Their Organizations In The Ways That Matter To Them The Most

We employ leading thinkers on the most pressing operation and infrastructural issues facing our clients, We embed digital, analytics, and design into processes and mindsets’; building capabilities that assist organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context and developing excellence in execution to ensure that actions translate into desirable outcomes quickly and sustainably.

Infinavate helps you reduce cost, increase productivity and maximize revenue potential through innovative technology solutions, Custom Software Development, Data Management, and Digital Transformation

Our Results


Helped companies increase their revenue by 20%


Average of 25% time and cost savings versus competitors


Over 100,000 hours completed of technical dispatchment services


Supported over 580 clients


20+ years of experience



Data Management

Manage your and your clients’ data effortlessly in the cloud. Data management is a way to have everything you need in one place while also increasing the security and efficiency of your IT systems.


Custom Software Development

Address your organization’s needs with custom applications that facilitate the everyday activities of your employees, partners, and clients. Our software solutions are fully customized and always tailored to your requirements.


Innovative Digital Transformation

Prepare your business for the digital transformation and be prepared for more tech and efficiency advancements. We’ll help you get to the forefront of innovation and start leading the competition with your solutions.


Industry Experience


Supply Chain: Distribution, Logistics, and Transportation

The supply chain industry has changed dramatically over recent years. To address those advancements, we help you integrate new technologies within your organization, automate routine processes, and upgrade your IT platforms to accommodate this change.

Energy: Oil & Gas, Telecommunications

The future of energy revolves around safer and smarter sources. To help your company prepare for this switch, we offer zero-emission transformation planning, integration of green solutions, and consulting to identify inefficiencies in your operations.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

IT is playing a more important role in healthcare, and its impact will only continue to grow. To make sure you meet your clients’ requirements, we offer process automation services and leverage emerging technologies to create an impeccable experience for patients.


State and local governments have been at the front line of the COVID-19 crisis and citizens will keep relying on their governments for continued support. We help you work through all phases of planning, designing, and upgrading your systems to accommodate those needs.



As more of the purchase journey shifts to digital, manufacturers must keep up. Evolve your processes to become smarter and more efficient with our end-to-end integrations, including task automation, system integrations, and custom tools to support your personnel.


Why Infinavate?

We have the strategic and technical expertise to identify gaps and inefficiencies in business operations that hinder revenue.

  • Infinavate Consultancy Services (ICS) has extensive experience managing complex enterprise-level challenges
  • ICS will collaborate and capitalize on the synergies between thought leadership and business innovative transformative opportunities to increase revenue and efficiency
  • ICS will handle all the Planning, Project Management, and Performance Management in the Digital Transformation

Let us use our keen capabilities to create innovative, cost-effective, and viable solutions for your company. We ask the right questions to identify vetted, customized solutions for your organization.

About Us

Infinavate Consultancy Services, LLC is a black- and woman-owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified IT Consultancy Firm led by Maurice Hamilton, Global Managing Partner & CEO. Maurice has over 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in Technology, holding former executive positions with Fortune 150 global organizations.

Our firm provides innovative business consulting for Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation, and Data Management services for SMBs, Mid-Market Business Enterprises, Government entities, and Fortune 2000 organizations.

We have a Global Digital Transformation firm and utilize a hybrid approach of onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources for the identification, evaluation, remediation, and implementation of solutions.

We are committed to our client’s success through teamwork, professional integrity, experience, and value-driven innovation. We are nimble, easy to do business with, responsive, and quick to deliver results with our diverse team of highly-qualified professionals.

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Simplify technology. Amplify profits.

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