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Infinavate Consultancy Services, LLC is a certified IT consulting firm providing innovative resources for small, mid-market, Fortune 500, and government entities.


Years ago, partnerships were formed with a firm handshake, commitment to excellence, teamwork, and professional integrity. We believe that those values were intrinsic to making the world we know today and so they remain at the forefront of our culture.

After years of working in Corporate America and various sectors, Maurice Hamilton had the opportunity to change the trajectory of his career, and purchase a company called Dalco Contingency, LLC in Sept. 2019. Dalco has been servicing the industry for 20+ years for nearly 600 clients and has delivered over 1,800 successful engagements.

As a visionary, Maurice was always coming up new ways to improve processes, grow businesses and become more innovative by utilizing education, monetization of resources, and tightening supply chains combined with human elements.

Today, we pride ourselves on providing superior consulting services driven by industry trends and achieving the highest levels of customer excellence. We always leverage unparalleled industry experience with fiscal models that improve organizational efficiency while saving time and money for our clients.

Since 2001, Infinavate has won numerous awards for outstanding achievements, leadership, diversified growth, and community activities. Whether your business seeks custom business application designs, ERP deployments, Big Data – Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity Management, or Implementation Services, you can trust that Infinavate has the expertise available to deliver results that you can depend on.

“We believe that our differentiator revolves around our keen abilities in forming solid business relationships serving as an extension of your company. We are nimble to do business with and quick to delivery results.”

– Maurice O. Hamilton Sr.,
Founder & CEO

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Our Founder


Founder & CEO

Maurice Hamilton, Founder & CEO has over 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in Technology holding former executive positions with Fortune 150 global organizations. Maurice began his career as a software developer. Feeling compelled to get out in front of customers to provide fast-changing technology, Maurice took a sales role building relationships with thousands of clients, thousands of sales engineers, developers and technicians, hundreds of OEM manufacturers, multiple distribution channels, and global partnerships providing professional technical solutions.

He has served as Vice-President of Technical Services for Tech Data and Associate Vice President with PCM. Maurice has served on the boards of companies such as Cisco’s Technical Advisory Board and a passion of his which serves minority students as a Board Member for St. Petersburg Academy in Tampa, Florida. 40 years later, our firm provides decades of Maurice’s culminating technical expertise combined with a passion for innovative software solutions and professional services based on excellence and delivering exemplary quality of work.


Maurice is a competitive, critical thinker, planner, strategist, and highly self-motivated individual, who believes in pushing himself to excel at the highest levels of success and beyond. Having had to work hard for everything he has, he developed a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence at a young age. Maurice got his first job at age 8, and even then his employer recognized his integrity and loyalty.

Maurice is also a technology enthusiast who had one of the first mobile phones and purchased his first iPhone before most others knew what it was. He loves technology and believes that if approached correctly, it will help us find solutions to solving medical issues, societal issues, and social issues. As a futurist, he can see how Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Machine Learning, to name a few, will rapidly play a key role in our society that will have far greater implications than most people can conceive.

He’s a firm believer that everyone has a story. Some stories are good from day 1, while others struggle on a consistent basis due to a lack of knowledge and awareness of their own capabilities. Maurice provides knowledge and wisdom to inspire those on their journey to success by sharing his story of struggles and challenges, and contributes his personal time to developing them. He has a great deal of compassion for family, for those hardworking and determined individuals with a concern for humanity, and for those with endurance for life.


Our Team

Kelli Hamilton

Head of Operations

Kelli has over 30 years of experience with global conglomerates such as Siemens, Career Builder, Leica, and TF Cable in management, marketing communication, and IT. Kelli easily acclimates to changes and her passion is to develop the skill sets in each team member while assisting them to adapt to our ever-changing society.


Our Mission

Where Technology Meets Humanity

Our Vision

We strive to deliver transformative cybersecurity, data management, and innovative digital solutions that help reduce waste of business resources, optimize operational processes, and maximize the revenue-generating potential of every client.


Our Values

We rely on 5 key pillars to give our clients and partners the service they need while always upkeeping the standards of the highest quality.


Inquisitive Driver

We collaborate with industry experts and dive deep into your business processes and data to uncover your pain points.


Honest Partner

We always hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of integrity, transparency, and teamwork.


Nimble Chameleon

We stay customer focused yet nimble in our approach to build flexible and tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Problem Solver

We can be trusted with the most difficult problems and challenges and give you the tools to solve them with technology.


Operational Excellence

We deliver IT better using proven approaches, methods, and industry standards that far surpass the competition.

Our Process

Your Path to Better IT

01 Audit

Extensive interviews with your team & discuss issues, problems, service requirements.

02 Outline

Define objectives, budgets, goals.

03 Schedule

Establish plans, timelines, and key milestones.

04 Assign

Build and assign a tailored team of experts.

05 Execute

Quickly, effectively solve your biggest challenges; drive your vision.


Join us on the mission to disrupt the world of IT consulting and become a part of the Infinavate team today.

Infinavate Consultancy Services, LLC is a Black-Owned I.T. Consultancy Firm that acquired Dalco Contingency, LLC. Dalco has been servicing the industry for over 30+ years generating over $40 million in billable services.

Our firm provides innovative resources for small, mid-market, Fortune 500 and Government entities to assist clients with Digital Transformation.

Infinavate’s founder believes in providing the marketplace with diverse and qualified candidates with Custom Software Developers, Project Managers, Engineers, Consultants and Technicians.

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