Advantages Of Having A Cybersecurity Plan In Place Infinavate IT Consulting

Webinar: Advantages Of Having A Cybersecurity Plan In Place & Dangers Of Operating Naked OS Environments+

Protecting your business’s cyber infrastructure requires careful planning. We always recommend System Security Planning or SSP, to avoid attacks that can create mayhem, business disruption, and financial liabilities. Let’s chat on how we can fortify your business infrastructure. 

ICS has partnered with (CPISYS) Continuous Process Improvements Systems, CMMC, NIST, and ISO consultants who have assessed over 300 manufacturers and business management systems. We have designed and implemented policies and processes to avoid the typical OS environment mistakes that will ruin your bottom line.

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In this expert panel, you’ll learn about:

  • New Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative under the Department of Justice
  • How SSP impacts your OS environment
  • Overcoming gap analysis issues
  • And more! 

Cybersecurity Plan Webinar Expert Speakers:

Infinavate Maurice Hamilton It Consulting
Moderator: Maurice Hamilton
CEO, Infinavate Consultancy Services

Expert Speaker: Jim Goodrich
Cybersecurity Process Expert, CPISYS
Expert Speaker: Victoria Delaney
Cybersecurity Assessment Analyst, CPISYS
Steve Boyd Infinavate IT Consulting
Expert Speaker: Steve Boyd
VP Contracts & Compliance, Infinavate Consultancy Services

Infinavate Consultancy Services is positioned to bring you confidence in your digital security and business practices online as your team navigates cloud access, remote worker security, password control, and hacking attempts. Make sure your cybersecurity plan is in place with a consultation from Infinavate.

Full-Stack IT Services: Infinavate Consultancy Services has a robust, service oriented 20 year history. As a national, boutique and Certified Minority Owned IT Solutions and Consulting Firm our core business offerings include business process automation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity fortification.

“We asked for specific skill sets and we got it [from Infinavate]. We required a high degree of acumen that we had a hard time finding resources for.” – CSL Plasma

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