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Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Oracle NetSuite Software And All Its Features?

If you are preparing for growth opportunities in a post-pandemic era, a necessary part of that is optimizing your financial and operational business processes. Oracle plays a big role in your business and project management operation. To advance your organization, you need make sure you are taking full advantage of all that Oracle NetSuite Software 2021 offers.

Creates Efficiencies & Increases Productivity With Oracle NetSuite Software

Oracle NetSuite 2021 Release 1 injects intelligence and automation into all areas from financial and project management to multi-subsidiary operations and inventory management. Let’s review the updates to Oracle NetSuite regarding high-level features of 2021 Release 1 so that you can expand your offerings to clients and simplify tasks.

1. Smart Financials & Operational Automation

Better spend management and increased productivity.

Do you have a centralized purchasing and billing feature on your current platform? Consolidate purchases across multi-subsidiary organizations and generate vendor payments from a single location with this featuring for purchasing and billing.

Following budgets more closely.

Ensure that your budgets are more closely followed with expense commitments and budget validation functionality. This prevents overspending by validating purchase requests and orders against an organization’s available budget.

Increase efficiency and simplify tasks.

With the global bank feeds feature, you can use the Bank Feeds SuiteApp to automate the importing of financial data from banks in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This will increase efficiency and simplifying tedious reconciliation tasks.

2. Optimizing the Project Lifecycle

Automation solutions with SuiteProjects.

SuiteProjects professional services automation solution is built natively on NetSuite. SuiteProjects combines capabilities in the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Project budgeting and project accounting
  • Provide complete visibility and control over projects and billable resources

Collaborate more effectively as a project manager.

Purchasing and project management team members can collaborate more effectively with project purchase automation and visibility functionality. Project managers initiate purchases directly from projects along with purchase transactions and enabling the routing of purchase approvals. What’s the results? The simplified user experience lets project managers easily see how purchases are affecting projects.

Easily correct weekly timesheets.

By clicking the new “retract” button, employees can easily correct weekly timesheets before they’re approved, saving time for employees, approvers and administrators alike.

3. Automated Inventory Management

Prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Consolidate shipments, create multi-level packing, and scan weights from scales with a touchscreen NetSuite Pack Station. Before orders are shipped, this process adds an extra layer of verification that helps prevent customer dissatisfaction and reshipments.

Scan more quickly and reliably.

You can take advantage of the following features for quicker and more reliable process:

  • Off-peak wave processing
  • Cart put-away
  • Bulk picking
  • Mobile status changes
  • Automatic label printing
  • Tally scans

These are just some of the features with Oracle NetSuite that are helping companies in transportation, warehousing, travel, and retail move faster and with more efficiencies. We’re proud to be an Oracle NetSuite Software Solutions Partner and wanted to make sure you are taking full advantage of all that the 2021 version offers. If you are looking to optimize your internal business systems and operational processes, contact Infinavate IT support and business consulting for a free consultation.

We are here to help you do IT Better. Our IT business consulting will bring you revolutionary speed, efficiencies, and cost savings. Contact us today for more information.

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