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Cyber Cloud Hacking Threats: Infinavate Podcast | Episode 2

When it comes to cloud hacking, we have some very staggering facts out there. Through 2022, at least 95% of the cloud security failures will be a customer’s fault (Gardener). With 61% of companies migrated their work to the cloud in 2020, the question we’re asking is no longer if the cloud is secure, but if they are using cloud securely and properly (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021).

How Does Cloud Hacking Impact Your Business?

What does cloud hacking mean for your business? Vigilance is the number one factor in protecting from cyber attacks. In today’s Cybersecurity Podcast, we’ll look at one of the top areas of weakness, cloud storage, that is exploited by hackers and what you can do to protect yourself.

Are you protected against cyber attacks when they come to your business and team members?

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