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1. Advanced Cybersecurity

Malware, phishing attacks, and identity theft has grown exponentially in recent years, making your business finances and operations at risk. Protect your networks, software, business information, and customer data from cyber-threats through detailed, robust, and continually-evolving security measures.

Security breach increase since 2014
Of all files are not properly protected
Average lifecycle of a breach


Robust Safeguards


Incident Responses

Portable Device Security

Data Privacy

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Threat Intelligence

Risk Migration

Social Media Security

Spear Phishing

Patch Updates


Auditing / Policies Based on NIST

Security Assessments

2. Blockchain

A blockchain is made up of a string of "blocks" -- a record of transactions of specific data. This data can include anything from finances, personal records, medical patient information or other sensitive data.

When one block is created, it can no longer be updated with new data, by the original creator or another user. It is added to the chain and new block is formed.

When is Blockchain Used?

  • Process transactions safely and quickly
  • Protect data sharing and storage
  • Transparency with business partners and customers
  • Exchange cryptocurrency or digital finances
  • Proof of authorship or ownership
  • Peer-to-peer style business models
  • Authenticity (transactions cannot be changed once published)
  • Audit transaction trail and origin

3. Digital Cloud

A Implementing a Cloud Solution into your organization will reduce costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems. When Cloud Systems are scalable, it provides business continuity and allows for organizations to create flexibility of work practices by automating infrastructure and increasing employee productivity.

We help your organization scale, increase business continuity, improve collaboration and produce significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities, security and other overhead expenses from traditional data centers.

It has been proven that cloud solutions provide flexibility of work practices with access to automated updates assuring that your firm operates on the latest software platforms.

Ask us about the different platforms that will work for your cloud computing environment. Our Cloud Consulting Team can make recommendations based on your current and future needs.

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