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COVID-19 has substantially changed consumer behavior. Consumer Products and related Distribution Businesses must be data-intelligence-lead as they shape plans for the future, and need to revisit consumer segmentations, their portfolios, their partners and most importantly consumer buying behaviors now more than ever to build a foundation/ the right plan for future growth.

The digital world moves fast! It’s no secret that digital technology is ubiquitous, especially when organizations must use technology to inform consumers to use and influence them to purchase their products. Consumer loyalty is not as it once was. Consumers have a plethora of choices, prices, fast delivery methods and products that match their segmentation needs. 

At Infinavate, we help organizations utilize industry thought leadership on trends, analytics, algorithms, supply chain efficiencies and peer-to-peer awareness to help them competitively sell their products and services.

Retail & Consumer Products

The retail and consumer products industry is know as the most competitive industry vertical with consumer today with digital power at their fingertips. They are savvy and know how to zoom in on their own quality vs price equation with little effort. To maintain a competitive edge advances in retail technology can be costly which impacts the bottom line.

To maintain your edge and manage your costs, Infinavate Consultants can assist in the decision-making process, planning and development process.

For example, more stores are moving to BOPIS {Buy Online Pick Up in Store} models. E-commerce giants provide ease in placing orders with expedient delivery methods. Traditional mall strategies from the 70’s and 80’s are no longer appealing to consumer experiences. Consumers can use 3D technology for sizing which eliminates trips to the local mall, security concerns, traffic and limited available stock. COVID as well all know as accelerated the use of these technologies. Infinavate as an example, can assist you with digital methods to provide new analytical approaches to identifying demographics, customer segmentation, forecasting and creating a simple stay-at-home shopping experience.

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Retail Digital Transformation

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