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DuPage Medical Group Attacked By Cyber Criminals

Breaking News: The largest healthcare group in Chicagoland, DuPage Medical Group, fell victim to cyber criminals.

DuPage Medical Group Attacked By Cyber Criminals

The healthcare group stated that over 600,000 patients had their information stolen. Certain patient information files may have been exposed as well. Included in the information are names, addresses, dates of birth, diagnosis codes, codes identifying medical procedures, and treatment dates. A small number of Social Security numbers may have been compromised as well.

DuPage Medical Group is Illinois’s largest independent physicians group and the attack is a sobering reminder that cyber criminals are not just after business commerce. Healthcare is a large focus for attacks as more patients receive remote care, virtual appointments, and sensitive information is stored in online databases.

Since the attack took place, the DuPage Medical Group has added more cybersecurity measures and is reviewing its security policies. This is cue to every organization out there, both private and public, that measures should be taken and reviewed on a consistent basis to protect their data.

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Here’s how cyber attacks are impacting the healthcare industry today:


About 70% of 168 health care cybersecurity professionals reported having a “significant security incident” in the last 12 months, according to the survey.

Cybersecurity incidents in healthcare has increased recently. Incidents are now “the norm” in healthcare, according to the 2020 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Cybersecurity Survey. This year in Illinois alone, 21 healthcare organizations reported data breaches.

Email phishing attacks appear to be the most common type of incident that those in the healthcare field are noticing. Email phishing is when cyber criminals send fake emails or texts to individuals in order to obtain personal information, company information or downloading malicious files.

As a result of attacks, organizations develop revenue loss and reputation damage. Organizations that do not shut down may be forced to reduce their staff count to save on costs.” – Maurice Hamilton, CEO & President of Infinavate Dalco.

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