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Email Phishing: Infinavate Cybersecurity Podcast | Episode 4

Employees’ email addresses have always been a target of hacking scams and email phishing. It’s like letting thieves enter through your front door. Hackers have gotten more nuanced in their targeting and disguising their messages to make them look legitimate. Similarly, users seem to have gotten less skilled at identifying illegitimate phishing schemes. 

How Does Email Phishing Impact You?

What does this mean for your business? We have a very clear solution for the remote worker space to protect them when they are working online. For those working from home we have best practices you can do right now. In today’s Cybersecurity Podcast, we’ll look at one of the top areas of weakness, remote work, that is exploited by hackers and what you can do to protect yourself.

Are you protected against cyber attacks when they come to your business and team members?

Get better protected from cyber attacks with our Infinavate experts and determine your vulnerability.

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