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Cybersecurity From Infinavate Consultancy Services

During the past 18 months, ransomware has flourished. During 2020 such cyberattacks were up 150% compared to 2019, with the amount paid out in ransoms growing by 300% (CyberNews).

Are you protected against cyber attacks when they come to your business and all its team members?

A recent cybersecurity consultation was performed on Inc. 5000 companies to determine who is most vulnerable to cyberattacks. This was done by assessing the domains, sub-domains, and IP addresses of these fastest growing organizations from Inc. From that cybersecurity consultation, clear trends have emerged and the results are startling.

Learning from Inc. 5000’s cyber weaknesses along with the increase of cyber threats today, Infinavate is positioned to bring you confidence in your digital security and business practices online as your team navigates cloud access, remote worker security, password control, and hacking attempts.

Get better protected with our Infinavate experts and to determine your vulnerability.

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