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How To Tell If You Are Using Cloud Computing Securely

Have you ever lost documents, critical software, or programs due to your computer or hard drive crash? For managing your documents and information, cloud computing is one of the best answers. In 2021, more businesses are adopting it with 70% of companies are currently using a cloud plan to increase their budgets in the future (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021). Because of the increase in cloud computing usage, we have identified cloud-based threats as the one of the most significant cybersecurity threats occurring today.

Increase In Cloud Computing Usage

When it comes to cloud storage, we have some very staggering facts out there. Through 2022, at least 95% of the cloud security failures will be a customer’s fault (Gardener). With 61% of companies migrated their work to the cloud in 2020, the question we’re asking is no longer if the cloud is secure, but if they are using cloud securely and properly (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021).

While most businesses preferred to use the public cloud (Flexera), the problem that we see out there is confusion over where their responsibility and where is the vendors responsibility when it comes to the cloud storage security. We know that a lot of people are using Amazon web servers versus Azure, so this is where our big focus is when making recommendations to clients for cybersecurity today.

Top Focuses For Cloud Computing Cybersecurity:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Access control
  • Access Management
  • Data Encryption

Do you have a process in place where you have written documentation for how your internal and external teams are accessing their cloud applications and documents?

Are you performing training for all new staff during the onboarding process for protecting their content from unauthorized access?

We really want to stress the importance of understanding your policies and procedures, access control, access management, and to have data encryption. If you set up regular sessions with your team to review your set policies and procedures, you’ll benefit from increased protection from cyber attacks and lost data.

Every Industry Is Impacted By Cloud Computing Security

With the cloud computing marketing estimated to reach $800 billion by 2025, we’re only beginning to see how industries of all areas utilize this technology to increase their revenue and business processes (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021). From retail, media, telecom, education, banking, healthcare, energy, government, transportation, and other financial services, everyone is moving their apps and business to the cloud. Because of its prevalence, cloud computing hacking is a very real threat to most companies today.

More Workers Are Virtually Accessing Cloud Computing

Businesses are investing more money in cloud computing as businesses work more virtual than ever before. In fact, 34% of employees will work permanently in a virtual environment from 2021 (Reuters). Because of this, we feel it is important to not only identify threats, but also identify the mitigation of those threats and security gaps that companies have. Remote working is no longer just for side-gigs and freelancing. 34% of companies are now showing plans to allow their employs work remote in the long term, which is double than the amount of virtual workers in 2018 (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021).

With the increase in cloud computing usage and cyber attacks, the most startling statistic we have seen is that 39% of companies don’t have the internal skills required for cloud migration (IDC). And almost 40% of businesses don’t feel they have the competency to switch their systems to the cloud (Amazing Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2021). Maintaining and implementing tech systems requires a comprehensive knowledge, not just in information technology, but also security. Starting today, you can choose to move forward and minimize the rise of attacks with your current resources or by improving your security posture. And we can get you there!

If cloud computing management and security is on your to-do list, your plan of action should be decided and laid out. Your entire organization can begin to be alleviating from the number of attacks and to close those security gaps you may have. Get in touch with us today to gain an edge against these attacks and protect your business.

We are here to help you do IT Better and protect against cyber attacks! Our IT business consulting will bring you revolutionary speed, efficiencies, and cost savings. Contact us today for more information.

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