Guaranteed Production Roll-out in 3-4 Weeks

Get a Trained Nividous Bot at No Risk

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Nividous Quick Start, a unique engagement model, is designed to expedite quick adoption of RPA. Our professional services consultants work closely with you to deliver a trained Bot using Nividous platform and roll it out into production within three-four weeks. Nividous also creates a case for enterprise-wide adoption of Nividous platform by working with you to develop a strategic roadmap for your organization.

Benefits of Quick Start

Identify Technical Capabilities and Requirements in the Initial Stage

Identify Technical Capabilities and Requirements in the Initial Stage

Low Cost/Low Risk Starting Point with Quick Configuration

Get Key Stakeholder Buy-In

Know the Effectiveness of RPA Technology for The Selected Processes and Tasks

3-4 Weeks Engagement Process


1-2 days

The team ideates and identifies RPA eligible processes, demonstrates Nividous platfom capabilities for them along with sharing industry case studies and builds a business case.


1-2 days

We document processes at key-strokes level including activities, exceptions, business rules, input/output fields, trigger value; establish a project plan and get the sign off within one-two days.


2-3 weeks

We design the workflow for process automation, set up environments for development, testing and production and initiate the process automation using agile methodology.


2-3 days

Exceptions are captured with end-user acceptance using test cases and are handled within the process. The team provides hyper support while migrating to production & knowledge transfer.

Nividous Quick Start Engagement Model Includes

Fixed Price

1-year Nividous Platform Subscription

*Conditions apply

Guaranteed Production

Nividous Professional Services

Guaranteed Production Roll-out of a Trained RPA Bot in 3-4 Weeks

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