RPA Bot in Production in 3-4 Weeks, Guaranteed!

If you are new to Automation (RPA) or just looking to get a fresh start, this is the perfect program to minimize your risk and allow you to judge with your own eyes how RPA can benefit your organization. There is very minimal prep work for you, and the ongoing effort required by your team can be tailored to match your objectives. Our consultants work closely with your team during the four stages of the Quick Start Engagement Program.

We start with a workshop that helps you to identify the best process to start with. We will also analyze the selected process to ensure that we don’t automate a process that has not been adequately optimized. This step of business process re-engineering helps to maximize the impact of the project and deliver the most value. Then, within a week, the team builds a well-thought-out business case, documents the processes at key-strokes level, and establishes a project plan to get the sign-off.

Using an agile methodology, the team builds the project iteratively with feedback from relevant stakeholders and deploys the complete solution to production in 3-4 weeks. The impact of the automation is clear to business users that can easily compare the time and effort required to accomplish the task previously, to the time that it takes for the Bot to complete the task.

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RPA Quick Start Engagement Model Includes

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1-year RPA Platform Subscription

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Guaranteed Production

RPA Professional Services

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