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A few steps in protecting your network with remote monitoring and analyzing network traffic.

As the world becomes more connected, cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate networks, steal sensitive data, and cause chaos. As a security expert, it’s your job to protect your organization from these threats, and remote monitoring and networking tools can help you do just that.

On April 18, 2023, I awaken early in the morning to take a visiting friend to Bush international airport to catch a flight back to Chicago. Shortly after I dropped him off, I came to learn that there was a ground stop due to a firewall issue. The recent Southwest Airlines data connection issue is a clear example of how crucial it is to have a strong defense system in place. 

Infinavate remote monitoring protection

One of the key components of any defense system is a firewall, which acts as a barrier between your network and the outside world. Without a firewall, your network is extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

But firewalls alone are not enough. Cyber criminals can bypass firewalls and find ways to infiltrate your network. That’s why it’s important to deploy a cyber security kill chain strategy, which involves six steps to build up a defense for a cyber-attack.

The first step in the kill chain is detection. By consistently monitoring your network, you can detect any intruders or bad actors that may be present. The second step is to deny their presence and prevent them from accessing any sensitive data. The third step is to disrupt their activity by blocking potentially malicious traffic. The fourth step is to degrade their ability to carry out the attack by taking control of the situation. The fifth step is to deceive the bad actors by trapping and quarantining them. Finally, the sixth step is to contain any malicious viruses that may have infiltrated your network.

To be as proactive and defensive as possible, you can also utilize remote monitoring and networking tools. Infinavate offers security monitoring services that can provide an additional layer of security. Networking tools such as Wireshark can help you monitor your networking traffic and identify any potential threats.

In April 2023, India experienced a coordinated cyber-attack on major airports and healthcare organizations. The attack was launched by the notorious group called Anonymous Sudan, who used a DDoS attack to disrupt operations. 

As a CEO, CISO, or Security Analyst, it’s your responsibility to be productive and protect your organization from cyber threats. By deploying a cyber security kill chain strategy and utilizing remote monitoring and networking tools, you can ensure that your organization is well-protected from cyber-attacks. Don’t wait until it’s too late – act now to safeguard your network and sensitive data call Infinavate and we can help you in deploying that defensive strategy.


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